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My Favourite Facial Scrubs

I have tried so many different face washes in the past, to have finally found the ones that I absolutely love. I have tried many that have dried out my skin, irritate it and it just makes me feel disgusting afterwards. But these two products on the other hand, have been amazing for me. 

St. Ives Blemish Control  Apricot scrub, is a cleanser and natural exfoliant. After washing my face from using this, I feel really fresh and clean. The face scrub comes with little exfoliating beads which in my personal opinion feel nice on my skin. There is an indicator at the back, of all of their facial scrubs of the strength of the exfoliation. The strengths range of 'gentle,' 'moderate' and 'deep.' This facial scrub in particular is a deep cleanser and exfoliator. It's great if you're looking for something to get deep into your skin. 

Aapri original face scrub would, have to be my favourite out of the two. This product exfoliates deeper than the St. Ives one, and it makes me feel cleaner when I leave the shower. My face feels so soft and smooth after every time I use this. Although, it does have a rather weird smell to it, I mean it's not horrible in any way. But this face scrub is hands down my current favourite. 

Overall, I love these two products because they do what they're made to do. And what else? They're extremely affordable since they're drug store products! 

How To Manage Being In A Long Distance Relationship

Entering into the 10th month, of being in a long distance relationship, I can tell you one thing. It doesn't get any easier. Not trying to discourage you to get into one, they're totally worth it in the end. Every time I do get to see my boyfriend, (every 2-3 months) it feels amazing. 

Throughout the months that we've been together, I've learned a few things that have made this relationship feel 'less difficult.' 

1. Trust Each Other 
Like every other relationship, trust is the foundation. Without having a foundation or fundamentals (such as baking a cake without baking soda. What will happen? The cake won't grow or rise.) how could you and your partner, possibly develop a stronger relationship?

2. Talk To Each Often 
Whenever possible, it is important to talk to your partner as often as possible. For instance, my boyfriend and I are on the phone 24/7 (not clingy at all.) It is important to talk as often as you can, it feels as if your significant other is still there with you.

3. Jealousy/Communication 
I placed these two aspects together because, at times they go hand in hand. It is always important to be very open, about your feelings. If you can't voice your opinions, you'll basically feel miserable in your relationship. It is okay and normal to feel jealous, you just have to tell the person you're with about it and work something out. 

Andrew once told me that, 'Communication is all that we've got, really. It's not like a normal relationship. I can't just come to your house, and give you flowers whenever I want to.' Essentially because we don't see each other often, we're limited to what we can do. What we can always work on is always talking to each other to work things out. 

4.  Make Future Objectives
I don't know about you but, the only reason why I would want to get into any kind of relationship is if it is going to be long term. 

Future aims include so many factors. Such as, planning out a cute date,  having future projects or goals with each other. Thinking about all of the possible things, that you could do with your significant other is extremely fun. It motivates me to keep on going thinking about where my future with 'bae' can take me. 

5. Save Money 
This an extremely important tip that I have. Something has got to be given up, or you have to manage your money well. (I mean unless you're rich then... *please sponsor me for the rest of my life*
Sorry, about going on a random tangent. But really, it's a no brainer, you need to save up to be able to afford travelling expenses. 

6. Remember Why You Started 
This is my last and most important tip for this post. This is for everything in life really, if you feel as if it's hard to cope.. Remember, your partner feels the exact same way as you do. Like Andrew told many times, 'it's the best feeling in the world when I finally get to see that bubbly smile, and finally have you in my arms. It feels like the wait was worth it all.' 

This relationship is hard, but totally worth it. I don't regret any second spent on it. Are any of you guys in a long distance relationship?

Jurlique and Natio Review

This week has felt so hectic, and it's only going to get even busier with tests and assignments. But hey, there's always time for writing reviews right? Today I'll be talking about Natio's ageless illuminating primer and two Jurlique products. Let's begin! 

In all honesty, I'm not really a big fan of Natio products. The first product I had purchased was an extremely bad experience. My friend though, did try to glam up Natio's Ageless Illuminating Primer to me. So you know what? I gave it a shot. 

I have to say, the consistency of the product is quite thin and runny. I read reviews online, to compare. A lot of people faced this, although they didn't like it. I personally think that it isn't a big problem, it isn't dense and thick like most primers. But, the application sure is smooth. It does what it's made to do so, I'm happy. 

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist - is probably one of my favourite mists. It's the only one that I've tried that, has fragrance to it. The smell is really nice, it's really strong on the other hand but, that really doesn't bother me. Something I didn't really like was that, it isn't the mist isn't hydrating. It's only good for the scent. 

Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Essence - I have noticed that this product does soak into my skin quite nicely. Although, I am unsure of whether it even out skin tones, I've used it for two weeks before I go to bed. My complexion has become a bit brighter, but I'm not sure about it evening out my skin tone. 

Overall, these products are all decent. I probably won't be repurchasing again but, it wasn't a bad experience. 

Have you tried any of these products? I'd love to know! 

My Blush Collection

In all honesty, I have only just recently gotten into makeup. I never really liked blushes because I thought to myself, ‘I turn pink really easily so, I don’t really need it.’ Well, I was wrong.. Under all of the cake on my face, how could any colour possibly shine through that skin of mine?

Until a few months ago, I realised the amazing powers of contouring, bronzing, highlighters and blushers. Not too long ago, I would leave the house looking extremely washed out. But, thanks to my aunty who straight up told me, ‘you look like a ghost.’ I finally realised what I needed to do.

All of my products have been purchased by my beloved aunty, when she went overseas. Blush Vacosi Natural Studio is a Vietnamese product, it is extremely pigmented! I was shocked when I took the smallest bit of product and applied it onto my cheek bone. I’m amazed that the quality of this blush is rather good, compared to what I had anticipated.

Missha’s Prism Blending Ball Blusher is a Korean brand unlike the first blush. This wasn’t the best in my personal opinion. I’m not going to lie; I was pretty shocked when I saw the container filled with small blush balls. The thing that really disappointed me about this product is that, it was a glittery finish and there wasn’t really any colour to it.

Lastly, out of all of the blushes I have, Lovely Me:ex Blusher would have to be my absolute favourite. It is another Korean cosmetic product just like Missha. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a link of their products online. I love these little guys because, they are extremely pigmented like the first blush and it isn’t as soft as Missha’s one. The pigmentation of this product would have to be in the middle of those two.

Thank you for reading about little blush collection!
Have you tried any of these blushes? What are your favourite blushes? Please let me know!  

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Last year I saw a pretty bottle hanging on the self, and to my realisation it was the Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water. At the time I got this, I saw that it was $10 AUD. I told myself that had to get it, seeing that it was extremely cheap. I read the labelling, seeing that it removes makeup, cleanses and soothes skin. I definitely needed to fix up my makeup removal game. I mean, I was always using baby wipes, or makeup wipes to get rid of my makeup. 

What Is Micellar Water? 
Micellar water is a liquid solution, (essentially water) that is made up of micelles (minuscule molecules). When micelles make contact to skin they clench onto dirt, oil and other impurities in the face virtually removing them. That's why this product is great for removing make up!

What's even better...  this product is great, despite the skin type that you have. My skin personally changes from being oily to combination typed skin, so that's another reason for me to love this product. You don't even need to rinse your face after use!

How To Use Micellar Water? 
Dispense the product onto a flat cotton pad. I personally recommend not using tissues if you can, it isn't ineffective, in a sense that it doesn't cleanse your face, it just requires a ton of work. After you've poured the product into a flat cotton pad, you just wipe your face with it. You can use it whether or not you have makeup on your face, since it is a cleanser. 

Overall, I definitely love this product. It beats using baby or make up wipes, that's for sure. Have you guys used Micellar Water before? What are your thoughts on it? 

The Face Shop Trendy Nails | Review

Even though my mum is a nail technician, I like to do my own nails in my spare time (How ironic). I just don't have the time nowadays, to head down to her salon. Plus, I'm rarely looking for anything extravagant with my nails. So don't I do them myself? 

Anyways my Aunty,(who is also a nail technician), told me to try out Trendy Nails. I've got to admit, I'm really enjoying this small collection I have. The application of the polish is extremely smooth, light weight but at the same time the colour comes out really pigmented. Comparing to my favourite nail polish brand which is O.P.I, I reckon that Trendy Nails is just as good. You don't need to apply anymore than 3 coats to get the opaque look that you want. For drug store price, I really find that this nail polish comes a long way. 

Personally, I'm really clumsy and always paint over my nail lines (I guess it's time for my mum to give me lessons). This product dries up very quickly, and is actually peels off quite easily when it comes in contact with your skin. I really hate the smell of acetone, so I appreciated this. 

Now let's move onto the Sally Hansen's top coat, and base coat. Personally I'm not really fussed with the base coat. On the other hand, the top coat isn't my favourite. It takes a really long time to dry, compared to other ones I have used in the past. Although, it was 'alright' it wasn't the best or the worst. It does provide the slightest bit of shine which I do appreciate. Other than that, I'm really so-so with these products.  

Overall I love The Face Shops Trendy nails, I would definitely purchase more colours in the future to add to my little collection. However, I'm not sure about Sally Hansen, I don't hate it and I've heard so many positive reviews, I guess it was just my bad luck. 

Autumn Must Haves | 2017

A month into autumn, and I have already worked out my must haves. It has been extremely freezing here in Melbourne; I’m not keen for how winter is going to treat me. I’m currently sleeping with two blankets, sleeping with one is just way too cold. I personally don’t really wear a lot of on a daily basis; well in fact I haven’t put any on for a month. That’s besides point, this weather has got my daily/weekly, personal maintenance routine changing.

Without further a due here is my personal autumn must haves! 

Eye-shadow (Morphe 35P)
This palette is my essential for winter, in my personal opinion. I would use 35T for winter and 35O for summer. That is just my personal opinion though, since Morphe palettes have such a vast range of colours with 35 in the palettes mentioned above. Therefore, the palette is versatile, and has different shades for different occasions. But I personally think that the colour matters for the seasons too.

Face (Maybelline – Matte Maker (Powder)
Compared to summer, my skin looks quite nice naturally in autumn/winter. Therefore there’s really no need for me to go full coverage, I just need to cover up the redness on my skin. I really like how it makes my skin look really smooth, and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin compared to foundations.

Lips (M.A.C/Bobbi Brown)
These two would have to be my absolute favourites, when it comes to high end lippies. I received both of these babies as a Christmas present last year, and I absolutely love them. They are quite long lasting, and don’t dry my lips out. Oh and not to mention, the pigmentation is amazing!

Eye lash (Falsies – M.O.D.E.L 21 Fashion lashes)
In all honesty, I only use falsies from Vietnam. I have a whole box full of different lengths, and styles. I would love to be able to purchase more expensive, high quality lashes but they’re quite expensive. These one’s would only last me roughly 2-4 times reusing. But, the reason why I love them is because, they have been the only thing that has been saving my naked eyes. They make my non-existent lashes look so beautiful.

Brushes (Artiste  Brush Cleaner)
As much as I love the face I have with cake on, I have to face the fact that it doesn’t last forever. As much as it is putting it on, and seeing how I look, it is extremely important to clean the utensils (brushes) that are used. Since I don’t wear makeup much on a regular basis, I use this time to clean all of the brushes that I have. I just can’t handle dirty brushes, plus my skin is really sensitive so I don’t want to expose it to as much bacteria as I can.  

Dry Shampoo(Batisite – Instant Hair Refresh)
This is actually a necessity for me in general. On days where I wake up and don’t have time to shower in the morning, (so hard to wake up early because it’s cold too!) this bad boy is actually a life saver. It makes my hair feel less ratchet and less disgusting. I at least feel like I can go through the day. 

Leave In Conditioner (Toni&Guy Prep)
Well, obviously for smooth and beautiful hair. My hair is actually so dead and looks like hay (can’t wait to dye it back-to-black). This beast is a life saver; I can confidently say that this works better than some of my conditioners that I wash out. 

Skin Care
Toner (Garnier –Pore Refining Toner)
Yes, *drum roll* introducing the Garnier Pore Refining Toner!
This would have to be my absolute favourite, when it comes to skin care at the moment. My skin feels extremely clean, tighter and feels so smooth, this product definitely feels like it unclogs my pores. I just feel so fresh after washing my face from using this toner.

What season are you guys currently in? Is the weather treating you right over there, has it made you come to a change in your daily routine like it has to mine?