My Favourite Facial Scrubs

I have tried so many different face washes in the past, to have finally found the ones that I absolutely love. I have tried many that have dried out my skin, irritate it and it just makes me feel disgusting afterwards. But these two products on the other hand, have been amazing for me. 

St. Ives Blemish Control  Apricot scrub, is a cleanser and natural exfoliant. After washing my face from using this, I feel really fresh and clean. The face scrub comes with little exfoliating beads which in my personal opinion feel nice on my skin. There is an indicator at the back, of all of their facial scrubs of the strength of the exfoliation. The strengths range of 'gentle,' 'moderate' and 'deep.' This facial scrub in particular is a deep cleanser and exfoliator. It's great if you're looking for something to get deep into your skin. 

Aapri original face scrub would, have to be my favourite out of the two. This product exfoliates deeper than the St. Ives one, and it makes me feel cleaner when I leave the shower. My face feels so soft and smooth after every time I use this. Although, it does have a rather weird smell to it, I mean it's not horrible in any way. But this face scrub is hands down my current favourite. 

Overall, I love these two products because they do what they're made to do. And what else? They're extremely affordable since they're drug store products! 

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