How To Manage Being In A Long Distance Relationship

Entering into the 10th month, of being in a long distance relationship, I can tell you one thing. It doesn't get any easier. Not trying to discourage you to get into one, they're totally worth it in the end. Every time I do get to see my boyfriend, (every 2-3 months) it feels amazing. 

Throughout the months that we've been together, I've learned a few things that have made this relationship feel 'less difficult.' 

1. Trust Each Other 
Like every other relationship, trust is the foundation. Without having a foundation or fundamentals (such as baking a cake without baking soda. What will happen? The cake won't grow or rise.) how could you and your partner, possibly develop a stronger relationship?

2. Talk To Each Often 
Whenever possible, it is important to talk to your partner as often as possible. For instance, my boyfriend and I are on the phone 24/7 (not clingy at all.) It is important to talk as often as you can, it feels as if your significant other is still there with you.

3. Jealousy/Communication 
I placed these two aspects together because, at times they go hand in hand. It is always important to be very open, about your feelings. If you can't voice your opinions, you'll basically feel miserable in your relationship. It is okay and normal to feel jealous, you just have to tell the person you're with about it and work something out. 

Andrew once told me that, 'Communication is all that we've got, really. It's not like a normal relationship. I can't just come to your house, and give you flowers whenever I want to.' Essentially because we don't see each other often, we're limited to what we can do. What we can always work on is always talking to each other to work things out. 

4.  Make Future Objectives
I don't know about you but, the only reason why I would want to get into any kind of relationship is if it is going to be long term. 

Future aims include so many factors. Such as, planning out a cute date,  having future projects or goals with each other. Thinking about all of the possible things, that you could do with your significant other is extremely fun. It motivates me to keep on going thinking about where my future with 'bae' can take me. 

5. Save Money 
This an extremely important tip that I have. Something has got to be given up, or you have to manage your money well. (I mean unless you're rich then... *please sponsor me for the rest of my life*
Sorry, about going on a random tangent. But really, it's a no brainer, you need to save up to be able to afford travelling expenses. 

6. Remember Why You Started 
This is my last and most important tip for this post. This is for everything in life really, if you feel as if it's hard to cope.. Remember, your partner feels the exact same way as you do. Like Andrew told many times, 'it's the best feeling in the world when I finally get to see that bubbly smile, and finally have you in my arms. It feels like the wait was worth it all.' 

This relationship is hard, but totally worth it. I don't regret any second spent on it. Are any of you guys in a long distance relationship?

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